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5798FAX is an LPP of OS/400. Its name is IBM Facsimile Support for iSeries. It provides send and receive fax capabilities on the AS/400.


The fax LPP has its own release number and each release only runs on certain operating system versions.[1]

  • i Facsimile for i
    • 5798FAX version 5.7.0[2], aka V5R7M0 runs on i6.1 and i7.1[3]
  • IBM Facsimile Support for iSeries
    • 5798FAX R520 runs on R520, R530 and R540 operating systems. Also confirmed running on V6R1 with some issues.[4] PTF SI32626 is needed for V6R1.[5]
    • 5798FAX R510 runs on R510 operating systems
  • Facsimile Support/400
    • 5798TBY for R440[6] and R450 operating systems.


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