Change Library List (QLICHGLL)

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The following is an RPG/LE fully free-form prototype for the IBM QLICHGLL API to change the current library, two product libraries, and the user part of the library list for the current job.

For more information on this API, visit Change Library List (QLICHGLL) API (right-click to open link in a new tab).

By Dave Clark

Prototype for the QLICHGLL API

// IBM API to Change the User Library List in toto
dcl-pr IBMAPI_ChangeLibraryList   extpgm('QLICHGLL');
  ChgLibCur             char(11)  const;
  ChgLibPrd1            char(11)  const;
  ChgLibPrd2            char(11)  const;
  ChgLibLst             char(11)  dim(250)  options(*varsize);
  ChgLibLstC            int(10)   const;
  ChgLibErrC            likeds(ApiErrC)     options(*varsize);