Send Program Message (QMHSNDPM)

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The following is an RPG/LE free-form prototype for the IBM QMHSNDPM API to send a message to a program queue.

For more information on this API, visit Send Program Message (QMHSNDPM) API (right-click to open link in a new tab).

Prototype for the QMHSNDPM API

      * IBM API to Send to a Program Message Queue
      * EXAMPLE:
      * callp IBMAPI_SendPgmMsg( 'WSE9897': 'WSMSGF    SHR460': mtxt: %len(mtxt)
      *                        : '*INFO': '*': 3: mkey: ApiErrC);
      * if (ApiErrC.BytAvail > *zero); // if an error occurred
      *   return *off;                 // indicate an error
      * endif;
      * return *on;                    // indicate success
       dcl-pr IBMAPI_SendPgmMsg ExtPgm('QMHSNDPM');
         pMsgId              Char(7)    Const;
         pMsgFile            Char(20)   Const;
         pMsgData            Char(3000) Const Options(*Varsize);
         pMsgDtaLen          Int(10:0)  Const;
         pMsgType            Char(10)   Const;
         pMsgCStEnt          Char(10)   Const;
         pMsgCStCnt          Int(10:0)  Const;
         pMsgKey             Int(10:0);
         pMsgErrC            LikeDS(ApiErrC) Options(*Varsize);
      * optional parm group 1
         pMsgCStLen          Int(10:0)  Const Options(*Nopass);
         pMsgCStQua          Char(20)   Const Options(*Nopass);
         pMsgDsWait          Int(10:0)  Const Options(*Nopass);
      * optional parm group 2
         pMsgCStTyp          Char(10)   Const Options(*Nopass);
         pMsgCcsId           Int(10:0)  Const Options(*Nopass);