Retrieve Pointer to User Space (QUSPTRUS)

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The following is an RPG/LE fully free-form prototype for the IBM QUSPTRUS API to retrieve a pointer to a user space.

For more information on this API, visit Retrieve Pointer to User Space (QUSPTRUS) API (right-click to open link in a new tab).

By Dave Clark

Prototype for the QUSPTRUS API

// IBM API to Retrieve a Pointer to a User Space
dcl-pr IBMAPI_RtvPtrUsrSpace      extpgm('QUSPTRUS');
  UsrSpcName            char(20)  const;
  UsrSpcPtr             pointer;
// optional parm group
  UsrSpcErrC            likeds(ApiErrC)     options(*nopass:*varsize);


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