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Infor is a company which purchased software developer SSA in May 2006.

When SSA was bought out by Gores Technology (no relation to Albert Gore famous Democrat), the name was changed to SSA_GT, although most long time fans continue to refer to it as SSA.

SSA_GT is the vendor for BPCS and AS/SET and has purchased many other ERP making this company the 3rd largest ERP vendor in the world. May 2005 SSA Global became a publicly traded company using ticker symbol SSAG.

Rumor has it that some other outfit originally developed AS/SET which SSA aquired to use as editor and pre-compiler for their flagship ERP = BPCS.

According to Forrester Research, SSA only sunsets versions of their software, will never sunset BPCS, but as SSA combines features of BAAN and BPCS and other aquisitions, what we might see in the future might not bear much resemblence to the ERP we seen in the past. [1]

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