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'''BPCS''' stands for Business Planning and Control System.
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It is [[SSA]]'s [[ERP]] system.
[http://www.midrange.com midrange.com] hosts a [[BPCS-L]] discussion group for BPCS users.
=== BPCS Programming languages ===
Before anyone messes with BPCS software, they had better have a good understanding of [[BPCS Naming Conventions]] and [[BPCS *LIBL Gotchas]].
BPCS Programming languages include: [[RPG]] [[CLP]] DDS SQL UIM [[AS/SET]].  Different versions of BPCS use different versions of these languages, such as [[RPG/400]] vs. [[RPG 4]].
Some BPCS sites use IBM Tools that might not strictly be considered programming languages such as PDM [[Query]] DFU SDA REXX.
Some BPCS sites may be on ancient versions of BPCS associated with OS that came before OS/400 such as the SSP of S/36 and the programming languages supported there.
We need to be careful with [[CLP/400 examples]] not to include any code that came with BPCS since that is copyrighted and licensed.
Also see [[Query BPCS]] Tips such as how to calculate [[BPCS On_Hand]].
=== BPCS Hosts & Versions ===
BPCS is available and is used in many flavors.
Most companies run it on AS/400 or iSeries as opposed to the alternatives: some UNIX host; Oracle; or Windows.
The Windows hosting only works when whole company has a very small number of seats, and this should not be confused with people using Windows as the GUI means of [[Client Access]] to their BPCS data.
Most popular versions appear to be V6 variants then V405CD but this is a moving target.
Converting from BPCS on [[Twinax]] to BPCS on Client / Server can involve a world of [[BPCS Infrastructure]] challenges to consider.

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