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VDP to PDF - OctoTools by JBMSystems

OctoTools is a document management tool that encompasses Forms Design, Report Formatting, Electronic Distribution, Printing, and Text to PDF conversion. Once set up, OctoTools runs automatically to provide high volume throughput without operator involveme

OctoTools Feature List

- GUI based design environment - Built-in Post Script and PCL printer output - Drag and Drop placement of all elements - Automatic dynamic text and forms merge - Text boxes for dynamic and static text & Data - Design elements, objects, images & text boxes - User defined "green bar" type striping - "Watched" directory support - Conditioned based data formatting - Dynamic switch of overlays based on data - Barcodes including 2D pdf417 - Email URL or whole file - Bookmarks - Multiprocessor support - Variable opacity of elements and backgrounds - Multiple counters for page/line numbering - Automatic Text to PDF generation - Dynamic line and character position indicator - Report bursting and drill down - Specify paper orientation & size - Generate file name based on data in the file - Select from any true-type font and size - Immediate visual results - Color JPG, TIFF, GIF, BNP, PNG image import - Automatic email and report distribution - Searchable PDF - Watermarking - Acrobat® compatible encryption - Accounting statistics - Non-stop operatorless conversion - Convert GIF, JPEG, BMP, EMF, WMF to PDF - .csv creation


2 to 4 PDF's per second for single document (files) input to a multi-threaded system. Even large files bursted to single document process at an impressive speed.


Simply The Best in its Class!!!!!!!!! Forget per user license fees and printer fees. We've eliminated them!

OctoTool Enterprise Edition

The newest OtoTools product is a separate offering. The Enterprise Edition is all above plus a web front end where you have the option of storing pointers to documents on a file system in a database or store the documents in a database itself. A front end GUI gives users the capability to enter selection criteria and retrieve documents quickly with security features so that only users only see what they are authorized to view. Users can also attach documents (non PDF) i.e. word, txt, and other objects so they correlate to an existing document. It's an Document Management Enterprise System and compliments any ERP, Mainframe, or MidRange system or application.



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