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  • See Green Screen
  • This is a GUI (Graphical User Interface} for using Microsoft Windows to access AS/400.
  • IBM frequently made improvements in this interface, and changed the name to reflect the new and imporved reality.
    • This happened so often that people could get lost figuring out what is now the official name.
    • Before Client Access there was PC whatever Support.
    • After Client Access there was iSeries Access.
  • While this stuff may be relatively simple to use, when it is working correctly, figuring it out for installation and troubleshooting can be a nightmare. See Client Access Refresh

Silent Install

If the decision is made to send them a copy of System I Access to install on their PC's, see the links for creating a tailored image and performing a silent install.

This will allow you set up an installation which only includes the components which /you/ want them to install, and simplifies the installation on their end.




Install IBM i Access for Mac

Open up Mac's Terminal app (Cmd+Space and type Terminal)

cd into where the zip file now exists:

cd ~/Downloads

Use unzip to get the zip file contents into the /Applications folder:

unzip -d "/Applications/IBM i Access Client"

cd into the following folder where now exists:

cd /Applications/IBM\ i\ Access\ Client\

Now unzip the file into /Applications which will add content to /Applications/IBM i Access Client

unzip -d /Applications

You should now have "IBM i Access Client Solutions" with an icon in the /Applications folder, as shown below. Double click to start or do Cmd+Spacebar to open Spotlight and type "ibm" to locate it, as shown below.



(Thanks to Aaron Bartell for the info)

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