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==See also==
==See also==
==External links==
*[http://www-912.ibm.com/s_dir/SLKBase.nsf/DocNumber/502180186 Consoles Reference & How-To Operations Console and Other i5/OS (OS/400)] IBM Software Technical Document 502180186

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The Console is a interactive 5250-type device of which there is exactly one for a given system or LPAR.

The console is the first workstation that the system activates. The system assumes that this console will always be available for use. You can access the dedicated service tools (DST) display only from this console.[1]

Console Types

As of May 2008, the System i supports 4 console types: [2]

Operations Console
aka OpsConsole
A PC running the Operations Console component of iSeries Access for Windows.
One connection type, termed direct-attached or direct cable attachment, requires a special cable, of limited length, which connects from the PC's 9-pin serial port to a communications port on the AS/400.
Another connection type, termed LAN attached or LAN console It connects a PC to a dedicated LAN adapter card within the server.
Hardware Managed Console
Thin Console
"The Thin Console is a Neoware c50 thin client running a customized Linux image, which includes an IBM 5250 emulator. It boots from internal flash memory."[2]
A 5250 device, or equipment which emulates one. Must be wired to the first twinax controller IOP on port 0 (zero) and setup with logical address 0 (zero).


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