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== 2005 ==
* [[CA]] getting out of some of their business according to this [[Forrester Research]] article http://www.forrester.com/Research/Document/Excerpt/0,7211,37028,00.html which may present an opportunity for some 400 vendors to migrate [[CA]] customers to 400 applications???
* Per '''June 2005''' ['''Praxis''' http://www.sysmod.com/praxis/prax0506.htm], until Tom Gilb's new book on Competitive Engineering is published, you can download a copy from [here http://www.gilb.com/Pages/2ndLevel/gilbdownload.html]  The relevance of this to 400 audiences is the topic of [[program testing]].
=== 2005 June ===
* See History of Changes for earlier dates entries removed after the events have passed.
* [[CardSystems]] computer security data breach hit the news media. 
** The actual breach may have occurred some time in 2004.
** Info on approx 40 million credit cards transactions were improperly exposed.
** A file of 200 thousand of them got copied by hacker(s).
* [[SANS]] annual conferenc '''June 20-25''' in London UK http://www.sans.org/london2005/
* The 2005 iSeries and AS/400 Connection Conference is '''June 19-22''' in Naples, Fla [Info http://www.as400connection.com/]
* Java Developer Conference '''June 27-30''' Moscone Center, San Francisco CA http://www.java.sun.com/javaone/sf/
** not neccessarily anything 400 specific here
=== 2005 July ===
* [[IBM]] ''iSeries High Availability'' CIO Fly-in on '''July 20th''' which will complete by 3:30pm CT and a special IBM-hosted dinner on the evening of July 19th ... contact your iSeries rep for more details.  You could ask [[User:Al Mac|Al Mac]] to forward more info.
* '''July 26''' One Day iSeries Technical Conference by Southern California OCEAN [http://www.ocean400.org/ Orange County Educational Advancement Network] featuring speakers
** Bob Cozzi
** Bob Tipton
** Carol Woodbury
** Paul Holm
** Craig Pelkie
** Al Grega
=== August ===
* '''August 8-11''' LinuxWorld San Francisco
**  IBM will have booth space at the conference as well as participate in Forum Day.
** Steve Mills, senior vice president and group executive for IBM Software, will deliver a keynote address titled, "Linux in the Enterprise."
** For more IBM info on upcoming Linux Events [http://www-1.ibm.com/linux/va_3588.shtml]
* '''August 21-26''' -- Boston, Mass. - the 50th anniversary of [[SHARE]] [https://www.share.org/events/boston/index.cfm]
=== 2005 September ===
* '''Week of Sept 5''' Make IT Easy 2005 conference in ''Yamato, Japan'' [http://www-306.ibm.com/ibm/easy/eou_ext.nsf/publish/743]
* '''Sept 21''' South Burlington Vermont [[VTMUG]] iSeries Technical Conference ... info from [http://www.vtmug.org/]
==== COMMON ====
[http://www.common.org/conferences/2005/fall/] has info on the [[COMMON]] 2005 Fall Conference '''Sept 18-22''' at the Orlando World Center Marriott in ''Orlando Florida''.
Notice proximity to [[SSA]] [[BPCS]] conference.
==== [[SSA]] [[BPCS]] Client Forum ====
[http://www.ssaglobal.com/gcf3005] has info on [[SSA]] Global Client Forum 2005 '''Sept 19-22''' at the Gaylord Palms Resort in ''Orlando Florida''.  Contact forum@ssaglobal.com for more info.
Notice proximity to [[COMMON]] conference.
=== October ===
* '''Oct 17-21''' IBM eServer iSeries Technical Conference Miami FL
=== November ===
* Nov 4 [[WAMUG]] 18th annual Jam see http://eserverusergroup.org/events.html or http://www.wash-midrange.org for details
=== December ===
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== 2006 ==
precise dates not yet on the web sites
* Visual RPG Conference info http://palooza.asna.com/
* Wisconsin 400 Conference http://www.wmcpa.org/ [[WMCPA]]
=== April 2006 ===
* April 18-19 or April 24-26 Toronto IBM AS/400 User Group Conference produced by a consortium of midrange user groups of the north east region.  Details from http://eserverusergroup.org/events.html and http://www.tug.ca or http://www.neibmconf.com
== 2007 ==
== Other Calendars ==
For other calendars of major events of interest to the 400 world, we might periodically check out some of the following.
=== Availability ===
Technology Conferences around the computer world, not limited to the 400
=== e Server User Group ===
Calendar of AS/400 and iSeries events http://eserverusergroup.org/events.html
=== IEEE ===
Conferences world wide (but outside of the 400 world) of interest to the IEEE Computer Society.
=== IBM ===
* http://www-1.ibm.com/servers/eserver/iseries/access/events.html
* http://www-304.ibm.com/jct03001c/services/learning/ites.wss/tp/en?pageType=page&c=a0002173
=== IT Jungle ===
Full [calendar of events  http://www.itjungle.com/fhm/fhm-calendar.html] such as Chats, Webinars, Seminars, Shows, and Other Happenings.
=== MAPICS User Groups ===
== Regular Meetings ==
See '''Category:UserGroups''' for info on groups that typically have monthly meetings, and other educational activities year round.
=== Meeting Schedule Formulas ===
==== Mondays ====
===== First Monday =====
===== Second Monday =====
===== Third Monday =====
===== Fourth Monday =====
==== Tuesdays ====
===== First Tuesday =====
===== Second Tuesday =====
* Central New York [[CNY400UG]] meets noon on '''second Tuesday''' of the Month in Syracuse NY.  For directions check out their web site http://www.cny400ug.org/ugscd.htm and this map http://www.google.com/local?q=New+Horizons&hl=en&lr=&client=firefox-a&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&sa=X&near=Syracuse,+NY&latlng=43048056,-76147778,13197647386262397692&radius=0.000000&dm=large
===== Third Tuesday =====
* Orange County Educational Advancement Network http://www.ocean400.org/ meets at 6 PM on the '''third Tuesday''' of the month from January through November.
===== Fourth Tuesday =====
==== Wednesdays ====
===== First Wednesday =====
===== Second Wednesday =====
===== Third Wednesday =====
===== Fourth Wednesday =====
==== Thursdays ====
===== First Thursday =====
===== Second Thursday =====
===== Third Thursday =====
===== Fourth Thursday =====
==== Fridays ====
===== First Friday =====
===== Second Friday =====
===== Third Friday =====
===== Fourth Friday =====

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