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IFS is an acronym for Integrated File System. It is a hierarchical file system available on IBM i that is very similar to a Unix file system.

The IFS can be accessed from

Java applications are stored in, and executed from, the IFS. The IFS is also used extensively for HTTP servers.

File locks

IBM i does not have a native CL command to display what jobs have a lock on an IFS file, like QSYS.LIB has with WRKOBJOCK. But there are several ways to discover this.

  • Navigator for i has a graphical display of jobs locking a given IFS file.
  • System API QP0LROR (Retrieve Object References).
  • System API QP0FPTOS (Perform Miscellaneous File System Functions):
   CALL QP0FPTOS PARM(*LSTOBJREF '/dir1/dir2/file.log' *FORMAT2) - creates spooled file.  Requires *SERVICE

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