MONITOR Error Codes

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Here is a list of the MONITOR group error codes in numeric order.

Main Error Codes

Code Condition
*PROGRAMHandles all program-error status codes, from 00100 to 00999.
*FILEHandles all file-error status codes, from 01000 to 09999.
*ALLHandles both program-error and file-error status codes, from 00100 to 09999. This is the defualt.

Specific Error Codes

Code Condition
00000No Exception/Error.
00100 Value out of range for string operation
00102 Divide by zero
00103 Receiver too small to hold result
00105 The character string contains invalid data
00112 Invalid Date, Time or Timestamp value.
00115 Length of varying length variable is out of range.
00121 Array index not valid
00122 OCCUR outside of range
00202 Called program or procedure failed
00211 Error calling program or procedure
00222 Pointer or parameter error
00353 The XML document does not match the RPG variable; Reason code x
00401 Data area specified on IN/OUT not found
00413 Error on IN/OUT operation
00414 User not authorized to use data area
00415 User not authorized to change data area
00907 Decimal data error (digit or sign not valid)
01021 Tried to write a record that already exists (file being used has unique keys and key is duplicate, or attempted to write duplicate relative record number to a subfile).
01022 Referential constraint error detected on file member.
01023 Error in trigger program before file operation performed.
01024 Error in trigger program after file operation performed.
01211 File not open.
01218 Record already locked.
01221 Update operation attempted without a prior read.
01222 Record cannot be allocated due to referential constraint error
01331 Wait time exceeded for READ from WORKSTN file.