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This is a testing area for revisions, overhauls and improvements to the Main Page. This is needed because the wiki software, MediaWiki, has the Main Page configured to be one of a small set of pages which only a user with administrative edit privileges can edit, to prevent spam or vandalism.

Below is a copy of the Main Page wiki-code as of 07:10, 24 April 2008 (CDT) — MrDolomite • Talk

Welcome to the midrangeWiki!
The goals of this site are
To provide information on the IBM System i / eServer iSeries / i5 / AS/400 system (yes, it has had a number of names).
To replace the current Midrange FAQ with a somewhat more robust system. The current effort can be found in here.
The primary administrator for this site is David Gibbs.
All categories can be found in Special:Categories and [[Category:Categories]].

See Main Page/Draft
An article everyone can edit
to improve the face of MidrangeWiki