Program To System Fields

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Program To System Fields List

Here is a work-in-progress list of constant names for the various program-to-system field (P-field) values:

      * Valid P-field values
     D PFIELDSDS       DS
     D @GRN                           1A   Inz(x'20')
     D @GRN_RI                        1A   Inz(x'21')
     D @WHT                           1A   Inz(x'22')
     D @WHT_RI                        1A   Inz(x'23')
     D @GRN_UL                        1A   Inz(x'24')
     D @GRN_UL_RI                     1A   Inz(x'25')
     D @WHT_UL                        1A   Inz(x'26')
     D @ND                            1A   Inz(x'27')
     D @RED                           1A   Inz(x'28')
     D @RED_RI                        1A   Inz(x'29')
     D @RED_HI                        1A   Inz(x'2A')
     D @RED_HI_RI                     1A   Inz(x'2B')
     D @RED_UL                        1A   Inz(x'2C')
     D @RED_UL_RI                     1A   Inz(x'2D')
     D @RED_UL_BL                     1A   Inz(x'2E')
     D @ND_2F                         1A   Inz(x'2F')
     D @TRQ_CS                        1A   Inz(x'30')
     D @TRQ_CS_RI                     1A   Inz(x'31')
     D @YLW_CS                        1A   Inz(x'32')
     D @WHT_RI_CS                     1A   Inz(x'33')
     D @TRQ_UL_CS                     1A   Inz(x'34')
     D @TRQ_UL_RI_CS                  1A   Inz(x'35')
     D @YLW_UL_CS                     1A   Inz(x'36')
     D @ND_37                         1A   Inz(x'37')
     D @PNK                           1A   Inz(x'38')
     D @PNK_RI                        1A   Inz(x'39')
     D @BLU                           1A   Inz(x'3A')
     D @BLU_RI                        1A   Inz(x'3B')
     D @PNK_UL                        1A   Inz(x'3C')
     D @PNK_UL_RI                     1A   Inz(x'3D')
     D @BLU_UL                        1A   Inz(x'3E')
     D @ND_3F                         1A   Inz(x'3F')
      * Protected fields
     D @PGRN                          1A   Inz(x'A0')
     D @PGRN_RI                       1A   Inz(x'A1')
     D @PWHT                          1A   Inz(x'A2')
     D @PWHT_RI                       1A   Inz(x'A3')
     D @PGRN_UL                       1A   Inz(x'A4')
     D @PGRN_UL_RI                    1A   Inz(x'A5')
     D @PWHT_UL                       1A   Inz(x'A6')
     D @PND                           1A   Inz(x'A7')
     D @PRED                          1A   Inz(x'A8')
     D @PRED_RI                       1A   Inz(x'A9')
     D @PRED_HI                       1A   Inz(x'AA')
     D @PRED_HI_RI                    1A   Inz(x'AB')
     D @PRED_UL                       1A   Inz(x'AC')
     D @PRED_UL_RI                    1A   Inz(x'AD')
     D @PRED_UL_BL                    1A   Inz(x'AE')
     D @ND_AF                         1A   Inz(x'AF')
     D @PTRQ_CS                       1A   Inz(x'B0')
     D @PTRQ_CS_RI                    1A   Inz(x'B1')
     D @PYLW_CS                       1A   Inz(x'B2')
     D @PWHT_RI_CS                    1A   Inz(x'B3')
     D @PTRQ_UL_CS                    1A   Inz(x'B4')
     D @PTRQ_UL_RI_CS                 1A   Inz(x'B5')
     D @PYLW_UL_CS                    1A   Inz(x'B6')
     D @ND_B7                         1A   Inz(x'B7')
     D @PPNK                          1A   Inz(x'B8')
     D @PPNK_RI                       1A   Inz(x'B9')
     D @PBLU                          1A   Inz(x'BA')
     D @PBLU_RI                       1A   Inz(x'BB')
     D @PPNK_UL                       1A   Inz(x'BC')
     D @PPNK_UL_RI                    1A   Inz(x'BD')
     D @PBLU_UL                       1A   Inz(x'BE')
     D @ND_BF                         1A   Inz(x'BF')
     D PFIELDS                 1     64A
     D PFIELD                         1A   Dim(64) Overlay(PFIELDS)