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REXX is an acronym for REstructured eXtended eXecutor, an interpreted scripting/programming language developed by IBM. It is simple to learn and is available on many platforms, including IBM i. It was used as the macro language in the Code/400 GUI editor (precursor to WDSC and RDi.)

IBM i implementation

On IBM i, REXX source is stored in a source member, the default is QREXSRC. It is executed by STRREXPRC. It might be helpful to define a PDM or WDSC option to invoke the REXX interpreter: ?STRREXPRC SRCMBR(&N) SRCFILE(&L/&F); however, PDM recognizes source members that have source type REXX and will execute STRREXPRC against them when option 16 ("Run procedure") is entered. The question mark in front of the command signifies prompting, which will allow you to fill in any parameters you might want. If PDM option 16 is used, the F4 key will perform prompting.

According to most manuals, all REXX programs should begin with a comment; but this seems to be no longer required, at least under IBM i. (It is not required on most V5R3 and later systems. It is not clear when this was first allowed.) White space is for programmer convenience and can be added or omitted as desired.

Hello world

/* Hello, world */ 
say 'Hello, world!' 

Other System i REXX programs

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