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REXX is an interpreted language invented by IBM. It is simple to learn and is available on many platforms, including i5/OS. It was used as the macro language in the Code/400 GUI editor (precursor to WDSC and RDi.)

On System i, REXX source is stored in a source member, the default is QREXSRC. It is executed by STRREXPRC. It is helpful to define a PDM or WDSC option to invoke the REXX interpreter: ?STRREXPRC SRCMBR(&N) SRCFILE(&L/&F). The question mark in front of the command signifies prompting, which will allow you to fill in any parameters you might want. All REXX programs begin with a comment. White space is for programmer convenience and can be added or omitted as desired.

Hello world

/* Hello, world */ 
say 'Hello, world!' 

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