RPG Built In Functions

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Built-in Functions

%ABS (Absolute Value of Expression)
%ADDR (Get Address of Variable)
%ALLOC (Allocate Storage)
%BITAND (Bitwise AND Operation)
%BITNOT (Invert Bits)
%BITOR (Bitwise OR Operation)
%BITXOR (Bitwise Exclusive-OR Operation)

%CHAR (Convert to Character Data)
%CHECK (Check Characters)
%CHECKR (Check Reverse)
%DATE (Convert to Date)
%DAYS (Number of Days)
%DEC (Convert to Packed Decimal Format)

%DECPOS (Get Number of Decimal Positions)
%DIFF (Difference Between Two Date, Time, or Timestamp Values)
%DIV (Return Integer Portion of Quotient)
%EDITC (Edit Value Using an Editcode)
%EDITFLT (Convert to Float External Representation)
%EDITW (Edit Value Using an Editword)
%ELEM (Get Number of Elements)
%EOF (Return End or Beginning of File Condition)
%EQUAL (Return Exact Match Condition)
%ERROR (Return Error Condition)
%FIELDS (Fields to update)
%FLOAT (Convert to Floating Format)
%FOUND (Return Found Condition)
%GRAPH (Convert to Graphic Value)
%HOURS (Number of Hours)
%INT (Convert to Integer Format)

%KDS (Search Arguments in Data Structure)
%LEN (Get or Set Length)

%LOOKUPxx (Look Up an Array Element)
%MINUTES (Number of Minutes)
%MONTHS (Number of Months)
%MSECONDS (Number of Microseconds)
%NULLIND (Query or Set Null Indicator)
%OCCUR (Set/Get Occurrence of a Data Structure)
%OPEN (Return File Open Condition)
%PADDR (Get Procedure Address)

%PARMS (Return Number of Parameters)
%REALLOC (Reallocate Storage)
%REM (Return Integer Remainder)
%REPLACE (Replace Character String)
%SCAN (Scan for Characters)
%SECONDS (Number of Seconds)
%SHTDN (Shut Down)
%SIZE (Get Size in Bytes)
%SQRT (Square Root of Expression)
%STATUS (Return File or Program Status)
%STR (Get or Store Null-Terminated String)

%SUBDT (Extract a Portion of a Date, Time, or Timestamp)
%SUBST (Get Substring)

%THIS (Return Class Instance for Native Method)
%TIME (Convert to Time)
%TIMESTAMP (Convert to Timestamp)
%TLOOKUPxx (Look Up a Table Element)
%TRIM (Trim Blanks at Edges)
%TRIML (Trim Leading Blanks)
%TRIMR (Trim Trailing Blanks)
%UCS2 (Convert to UCS-2 Value)
%UNS (Convert to Unsigned Format)

%XFOOT (Sum Array Expression Elements)
%XLATE (Translate)
%YEARS (Number of Years)