Receive Program Message (QMHRCVPM)

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Receive message API prototype

 /copy qsysinc/qrpglesrc,qmhrcvpm                             
DQMHRCVPM        PR                   extpgm('QMHRCVPM')      
D pMsgInfo                   32767    options(*varsize)       
D pMsgInfoLen                   10i 0 const                   
D pFormatName                    8a   const                   
D pCallStackEntr                10a   const                   
D pCallStackCtr                 10i 0 const                   
D pMsgType                      10a   const                   
D pMsgKey                        4a   const                   
D pWaitTime                     10i 0 const                   
D pMsgAction                    10a   const                   
D pErrorStruct               32767    options(*varsize)       
 * Optional parameter group 1                                 
D pCallStackLen                 10i 0 const options(*nopass)  
D pCallStackQual                20    const options(*nopass)  
 * Optional parameter group 2                                 
D pCallStackType                10    const options(*nopass)  
D pCCSID                        10i 0 const options(*nopass)