Retrieve Program Information (QCLRPGMI)

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The following is an RPG/LE fully free-form prototype for the IBM QCLRPGMI API to retrieve information about a program.

Prototype for the QCLRPGMI API

// IBM API to Retrieve a Program's Information
/include qsysinc/qrpglesrc,qclrpgmi         // QCLRPGMI API data structures
dcl-pr IBMAPI_RtvPgmInfo          extpgm('QCLRPGMI');
  PgmInfo               likeds(QUSD0400)    options(*varsize);
  PgmInfL               int(10)   const;
  PgmIFmt               char(8)   const;
  PgmName               char(20)  const;
  PgmErrC               likeds(ApiErrC)     options(*varsize);