Security Basics

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See General Computer Security for info and links about Security outside of the 400.

Security Tools


Security Wizard

  • Access via Operations Navigator
    • Warning ... while this is for administrators new to AS/400 or Security, before changing any security settings, it is advisable to consult with the most experienced AS/400 security professional on-site.
    • You can change security settings, but while they are changed, they affect how objects function, including how they function after you change settings back again.

Security Commands

User Profile


  • CHGPWD change password
  • CHKPWD makes user re-enter password that was used to sign onto the 400

Object Authority

Objects Owned

Authorization List

Adopted Authority

  • DSPPGMADP Display Program Adopt
    • Specify a user profile and get a list of the programs that adopt that user's authority.
  • PRTADJOBJ Print Adopting Objects
    • Specify a user profile, *ALL or generic user(QP*) and get a printout of objects that adopt user's authority.