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So here is an tip for those of you who are attempting to debug CGI Pgms via WDSC's SEP (Service Entry Point) functionality. After you right click on the PGM you want to set a SEP on, it will of course be added to the SEP view. But running the program doesn't cause debugging to happen at this point. The reason being is because the debug isn't running under your iSeries profile (i.e. AARON in my case) and is instead running under QTMHHTP1 (in my case). Right click on the SEP in the SEP view that was just created and select Modify and change the user from your iSeries profile to QTMHHTP1. Now run your CGI program again and it SHOULD bring up the iSeries Debugger in WDSC - way cool!

Here is a video tutorial of everything I just described: [1]

--Aaronbartell 12:45, 23 February 2007 (CST)