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==External links==
==External links==
*List Archives - http://archive.midrange.com/{{lc:{{{1}}}}}
*List Archives - https://archive.midrange.com/{{lc:{{{1}}}}}
*[[wikipedia:RSS|RSS]] 2.0 feed - http://archive.midrange.com/{{lc:{{{1}}}}}/maillist.rss
*[[wikipedia:RSS|RSS]] 2.0 feed - https://archive.midrange.com/{{lc:{{{1}}}}}/maillist.rss
*[[wikipedia:Atom (standard)|Atom]] 1.0 feed - http://archive.midrange.com/{{lc:{{{1}}}}}/maillist.atom
*[[wikipedia:Atom (standard)|Atom]] 1.0 feed - https://archive.midrange.com/{{lc:{{{1}}}}}/maillist.atom

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The template documentation below is transcluded from Template:Midrange.com mailing list/doc [edit]


{{Midrange.com mailing list}} is a template used to create an entire MidrangeWiki article for a mailing list hosted by http://www.midrange.com. It includes the sections, internal and external links, and categorization.


{{Midrange.com mailing list|MailingListTitle|MidrangeWikiArticleTitle}}
Note that the MailingListTitle is caseinsensitive.
{{Midrange.com mailing list|MailingListTitle|MidrangeWikiArticleTitle|OptionalTrailingText}}


Code Result
{{Midrange.com mailing list|BPCS-L|BPCS}}
For actual result, see BPCS-L
{{Midrange.com mailing list|Java400-L|Java|programming}}
For actual result, see JAVA400-L