Test for Omitted Argument (CEETSTA)

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The following is an RPG/LE fully free-form prototype for the IBM CEETSTA API to test a parameter for a valid address.

For more information on this API, visit Test for Omitted Argument (CEETSTA) API (right-click to open link in a new tab).

By Dave Clark

Prototype for the CEETSTA API

// IBM API to Test a Parameter for a Valid Address
// for RTSFA_CCnt = 3 by 1 to (%elem(RTSFA_Codes) - 1);       
//   ParmNumb = RTSFA_CCnt + 3;     // match to a parm number 
//   callp CEETSTA(ValidParm: ParmNumb: iFeedback); // test it
//   if %parms >= ParmNumb          // if parm passed         
//   and ValidParm > *zero;         // and not omitted        
//     ...do something...
//   endif;                                                   
// endfor;                                                    
// https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/ssw_ibm_i_72/apis/CEETSTA.htm
dcl-pr CEETSTA;
  ValParmAdr            int(10);
  ParmPosNbr            int(10)   const;
  Feedback              char(12)  options(*nopass);