UIM Remove List Entry (QUIRMVLE)

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The following is an RPG/LE fully free-form prototype for the IBM QUIRMVLE API to use the UIM to remove a list panel entry within an open display application.

Prototype for the QUIRMVLE API

// IBM Remove List Entry API
// https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/ssw_ibm_i_72/apis/quirmvle.htm
dcl-pr IBMUIM_RemoveListEntry     extpgm('QUIRMVLE');
  ReAppHndl             char(8)   const;
  ReLstName             char(10)  const;
  ReExtOpt              char(1)   const;
  ReLeHndl              char(4);
  ReErrCode             likeds(ApiErrC)     options(*varsize);