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==Stuff About This Wiki==
=== Page names and related info ===
== Page names and related info ==
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== Namespaces ==
=== Namespaces ===
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It's a sandbox. w00t! -- MyPages

Template testing #2

System Builder


Dynamic page testing

See http://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/DynamicPageList for help.

Everything in [[Category:OS/400]]

<DynamicPageList> mode=ordered category=OS/400 </DynamicPageList>

Main articles in [[Category:OS/400]]

<DynamicPageList> mode=ordered namespace=Main category=OS/400 </DynamicPageList>

Categories in [[Category:OS/400]]

<DynamicPageList> mode=ordered namespace=Category shownamespace=false category=OS/400 </DynamicPageList>

Category Intersection of A and B

<DynamicPageList> mode=ordered category=A category=B </DynamicPageList>

Stuff About This Wiki

Page names and related info

Word Example Explanation
{{PAGENAME}} MrDolomite/Sandbox Returns the name of the current page, including all levels (Title/Subtitle).
{{PAGENAMEE}} MrDolomite/Sandbox More URL-friendly percent encoded special characters (To use an articlename in an external link).
[MW1.6+] Name of the current page, excluding parent pages ("Subtitle" on "Title/Subtitle") in namespaces supporting subpages, see Help:Link.
[MW1.7+] The basename of a subpage ("Title" on "Title/Subtitle"), see Help:Link.
Returns the name of the namespace the current page resides in.
[MW1.6+] Shorthands for NAMESPACE+PAGENAME
User talk
[MW1.7+] Name of next odd namespace (e.g. 4 => 5)
[MW1.7+] Name of next even namespace (e.g. 5 => 4)
[MW1.7+] An alias for SUBJECTSPACE(E)
User talk:MrDolomite/Sandbox
[MW1.7+] An alias for SUBJECTPAGENAME(E)
{{REVISIONID}} 6990 [MW1.5+] The unique identifying number of a page, see Help:Diff.
{{SITENAME}} MidrangeWiki Value of Template:H:mwg.
{{SERVER}} https://wiki.midrange.com Value of Template:H:mwg
{{SCRIPTPATH}} [MW1.5+] Template:H:mwg
{{SERVERNAME}} wiki.midrange.com [MW1.5+] Template:H:mwg


Variables Alternate syntax Name, linked to list of all pages Nr. of pages Notes
{{ns:-2}} {{ns:Media}} "Media"   pseudo-namespace for images and other files themselves, as opposed to the image description pages; see also below
{{ns:-1}} {{ns:Special}} "Special"   pseudo-namespace for special pages (list: Special:Specialpages)
{{ns:-0}} {{ns:Main}} main Template:PAGESINNS:0 main namespace, no prefix, or optionally a colon (this is needed when using the page as template)
{{ns:1}} {{ns:Talk}} Talk Template:PAGESINNS:1 see Help:Talk page for this and the following odd-numbered namespaces
{{ns:2}} {{ns:User}} User Template:PAGESINNS:2 logged-in users (list: Special:Listusers) have a user homepage User:username (linked to by the system from user names in lists of edits, e.g. on page histories, and from signatures on talk pages); this and subpages of it can be used to present oneself, for project-related bookmarks, and for drafts, tests, and other working material. One can put here material to give oneself one-step access to it from any page in the same project, and one can put here links to give oneself two-step access to the link targets from any page in the same project as the user page. For users who do not log in, the same applies, with the IP as username. Dynamic IPs are a complication.
{{ns:3}} {{ns:User_talk}} User talk Template:PAGESINNS:3  
{{ns:4}} {{ns:Project}} MidrangeWiki Template:PAGESINNS:4 the project namespace for matters about the project, such as guidelines and discussions; see also the Help namespace
{{ns:5}} {{ns:Project_talk}} MidrangeWiki talk Template:PAGESINNS:5  
{{ns:6}} {{ns:Image}} File Template:PAGESINNS:6 images and other uploaded files, with image description pages (list: Special:Imagelist)
{{ns:7}} {{ns:Image_talk}} File talk Template:PAGESINNS:7  
{{ns:8}} {{ns:MediaWiki}} MediaWiki Template:PAGESINNS:8 system messages (list: Special:Allmessages), editable by users, or if protected, by sysops
{{ns:9}} {{ns:MediaWiki_talk}} MediaWiki talk Template:PAGESINNS:9  
{{ns:10}} {{ns:Template}} Template Template:PAGESINNS:10 the default namespace for templates: the wikitext code {{name }} refers to and includes the page Template:name
{{ns:11}} {{ns:Template_talk}} Template talk Template:PAGESINNS:11  
{{ns:12}} {{ns:Help}} Help Template:PAGESINNS:12 typically used for the MediaWiki User's Guide, with the wikitext a frequently refreshed copy of the master version on Meta-Wikipedia, but with project-specific templates
{{ns:13}} {{ns:Help_talk}} Help talk Template:PAGESINNS:13  
{{ns:14}} {{ns:Category}} Category Template:PAGESINNS:14 each page (list: Special:Categories) represents a category of pages, with each category page displaying a list of pages in that category and optional additional text.
{{ns:15}} {{ns:Category_talk}} Category talk Template:PAGESINNS:15  
{{ns:16}} {{ns:16}} [1] Template:PAGESINNS:16