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Please post Vendor Statements of Support here:

Vendors, and many customers, have access to prereleases of new versions of IBM i via IBM's Early Programs Active vendors will participate in this and be ready to support new releases of IBM i.

IBM i 7.4

IBM i 7.4 was generally available June 21, 2019

Help Systems

Halcyon Products

Current Versions and OS Compatibility[1]



See KB article 2071075 announcing support at: [2]
You can also reach it at this link (the wiki won't let me save tinyurl as a link).
"IBM i 7.4 Infor LX BPCS Technical Note" at [3]

Nutech Systems

Our team has not been made aware of any issues that will come from upgrading to that version. As far as we know, you will be fine making that upgrade and will not need a new version of our software.

Open Text - Trusted Link EDI

Only TrustedLink for i versions 6.4.1, 16.4.x, and higher are supported on IBM i 7.4 OS.
If you are running TrustedLink for i version 16.4.0, we recommend that you apply the 16.4.1 cumulative patch and then apply the TrustedLink 7.4 OS patch for 16.4.1. The TrustedLink 16.4.1 cumulative patch is available on the Customer Portal software download site.
TrustedLink for i versions 6.4.1 and 16.4.x REQUIRE a patch from OpenText for their uninterrupted operation on the IBM i 7.4 OS (versions higher than 16.4.1 will not require a patch). This patch for IBM i 7.4 OS compatibility is available on the Customer Portal software download site.

PTC Implementer

The current release of Implementer (12.3) is certified with IBM i 7.4.

DRV Technologies

All of DRV Tech Software Solutions as of V7.1.6 have been tested and verified to work on IBM i 7.4


Assure Products: Mimix, Quick-EDD, Itera, ODS/OMS: Statement of Support [4]

TL Ashford


Several customers have upgraded to IBM i 7.4 and we are not seeing any issues.

Trilobyte Software Systems

The Wintronnix IP Client TN5250e software supported by Trilobyte since 1990 has been tested on V7R4 and is verified to work on IBM i V7R4. WinTronnix IP Client is the premier TN5250e Windows display, printer, and file transfer software that runs on any version of MS Windows including Windows 10. WinTronnix IP Client does NOT require Java.

Arpeggio Software

The testing is scheduled. We'll update this list when we have a release date.


All of BVSTools Software Solutions will be tested on V7R4 as soon as possible, but we see no issues that should cause any problems with any of our software.

IBM i 7.3

IBM i 7.3 was generally available April 15, 2016



QEDD version V16_0417 or above is mandatory for OS release V7R3