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WDSC 6.0

This IBM site has useful info on installing or updating V6.0...


WDSC 7.0


  • To install a WDSC fixpack, you cannot use the Workbench's Window->Update.
  • You must use the IBM Installation Manager.
  • Start->All programs->IBM Installation Manager. Choose Update Packages.
  • I strongly advise looking at the README before doing this!

How to determine the version of WDSC you are running

  • Start->All Programs->IBM Installation Manager->View Installed Packages gives an XML file that has this URL: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\IBM\Installation Manager\installed.xml

For, this shows:

 IBM® WebSphere® Development Studio Client for iSeries® 
 V ( 

Fix pack

Fix pack 6 for WDSC V7.0 was released on or about 24 June 2008. The previous fix pack was fix pack 4: there is no fix pack 3 or 5. Fix packs are cumulative: fix pack 6 contains all previous fixes released in fix packs 1, 2 and 4.

The fix pack can be installed only through the Installation Manager. Installation manager can download the fix pack either real-time, or you can download a .zip file, extract that and point Installation Manager to that location instead of the Web.

Instructions on installing the fix pack are in the release notes cited above. The installation says to stop WDSC and all programs opened by it (like a help session in a browser.) I am personally more cautious and reboot prior to the installation process. Steps I follow:

  • At the end of my work day, visit the IBM .zip file download site above, start the download.
  • Close down WDSC.
  • Make a copy of my workspace folder - all of it.
  • Go home.
  • In the morning, unzip the .zip file to a temporary directory.
    • Fix pack 6 .zip file is 1.16GB, and the unzipped directory is 1.19GB, so have at least 2.5BG of free disk space available to try the .zip method!
  • Once the .zip file is extracted, reboot
  • Start → All Programs → IBM Installation Manager
  • Don't choose Update! Instead, choose File → Preferences → Repositories.
    • Add a new repository and drill down into your temporary directory until you find wdsc\updates\repository.config
  • Start the update. On my machine, it took about an hour to complete.
  • The first time you start WDSC will take longer (maybe 10 minutes more.)