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This page is intended to help WDSC users hash out proposed WDSC enhancements. To get the ball rolling:

iSeries Editing perspective should remember how I compiled each member separately. I have an iSP that has 3 RPG members. SRVPGM, CONSUMER and PROTO. When I compile SRVPGM, I want to do a CRTRPGMOD followed by UPDSRVPGM. When I compile CONSUMER, I want to do a CRTBNDRPG.

Currently, if I use the Alt-Shift-C, RSE uses the last compile command I used. This isn't helpful when I alternate between the service program and the consumer, so I can't use the keyboard shortcut and instead have to use the menu to select the specific compile command each time.

Compiling In LPEX edit view the errors and code highlighted should be cleared (Ctl-F5 and Atl-U) when I run the compile or compile with prompt.

LPEX Editor Display the connection name (used to load the source member) somewhere in the Remote Systems LPEX Editor and/or Outline view.

Outline view Add functionality to Outline view that allows the COMPLETE clearing of all cache relating to the currently selected resource (i.e. PF, RPGLE, CL, etc). Currently contents for some things are cached and WDSC doesn't recognize that there are modified resources on the server. I find this a lot with PF definitions, and after I change them and hit refresh in the Outline view it doesn't pick up the latest changes.

iSeries Remote Systems Connections The connection objects in the Remote Systems view should have the ability to integrate with iSeries Navigator so there is only one location on your PC where you need to change IP addresses, password preferences and/or default user names. Also, it would be nice if the iSeries RSE Connection would connect automatically if the related iSeries Navigator connection was already connected.

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