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(Version 6.''x'')
(Version 6.''x'')
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| Ctrl-Shift-A
| Ctrl-Shift-A
| Open Member Dialog
| Open Member Dialog
| Ctrl-Enter
| Insert blank line after current (does not split)
| Ctrl-F  
| Ctrl-F  

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WDSC shortcuts - this is a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the keyboard shortcuts available in WDSC. Many of the shortcuts change between major versions of the product, so please be careful!

Version 6.x

Key Description
F12 Make editor active. This is particularly useful for switching back to the editor view from the iSeries Error list view after a compile.
Dbl-click on word Selects word
Ctrl-C Copies current selection
Ctrl-V Pastes clipboard contents
Ctrl-X Cuts current selection to clipboard
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y ReDo
Ctrl-S Save
Insert Toggles insert mode (mode shows in header)
Ctrl-A Selects all source
Ctrl-Shift-A Open Member Dialog
Ctrl-Enter Insert blank line after current (does not split)
Ctrl-F Find ? simple in source
Alt-L Selects current line
Ctrl-D Copies current line and places below
Ctrl-Backspace Deletes the line cursor is on
Ctrl-T Bring the current line to the top of the view
Ctrl-Q Sets a marker at the current position
Ctrl-J Moves cursor back to last change made in source
Alt-S Splits line at current cursor position
Alt-U Deselects any currently selected text
DblClick Header Shifts into full screen mode
Ctrl-F7 Switches between open views
Ctrl-F8 Switches between open perspectives
Ctrl-e Displays list of open editors
Ctrl-F4 Closes open editor
F1 Help


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