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WDSC shortcuts - this is a (non-exhaustive) list of some of the keyboard shortcuts available in WDSC. Many of the shortcuts change between major versions of the product, so please be careful!

Version 6.x


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Key Description
F12 Make editor active. This is particularly useful for switching back to the editor view from the iSeries Error list view after a compile.
Dbl-click on word Selects word
Ctrl-C Copies current selection
Ctrl-V Pastes clipboard contents
Ctrl-X Cuts current selection to clipboard
Ctrl-Z Undo
Ctrl-Y ReDo
Ctrl-S Save
Insert Toggles insert mode (mode shows in header)
Ctrl-A Selects all source
Ctrl-Shift-A Open Member Dialog
Ctrl-Enter Insert blank line after current (does not split)
Ctrl-F Find ? simple in source
Alt-L Selects current line
Ctrl-D Copies current line and places below
Ctrl-Backspace Deletes the line cursor is on
Ctrl-T Bring the current line to the top of the view
Ctrl-Q Sets a marker at the current position
Ctrl-J Moves cursor back to last change made in source
Alt-S Splits line at current cursor position
Alt-U Deselects any currently selected text
DblClick Header Shifts into full screen mode
Ctrl-F7 Switches between open views
Ctrl-F8 Switches between open perspectives
Ctrl-e Displays list of open editors
Ctrl-F4 Closes open editor
F1 Help
Ctrl - Shift - C Compiles current editor source member