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  [[WDSC tips/Editor#Work on a fix while keeping another project open|Work on a fix while keeping another project open]]
  [[WDSC tips/Editor#Work on a fix while keeping another project open|Work on a fix while keeping another project open]]
  [[WDSC tips/Editor#Tracking Source changes|Tracking Source changes]]
  [[WDSC tips/Editor#Tracking Source changes|Tracking Source changes]]
[[WDSC tips/Editor#Column Sensitive Editing|Column Sensitive Editing]]

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This is a dump of tips gathered from the WDSCI-L list. The tips are split up into sub-pages.

To see the tips please click on a link below.


Keyboard Shortcuts
Editor Commands
WDSCi vs SEU F15=Browse options
Position my cursor to where I need to key additional data. (On IBM rqmts list)
Do I have to use the mouse to copy lines from one member to another?
How can I copy field names in to the member? (On IBM rqmts list)
Can I condition page ups and downs by cursor position?
Do I have to continually save my work?
Auto Marking Changes to the Source
How do I shift a block of text left/right?
Vertical line in WDSCI editor
Prevent Enter generating a new line
To Print RPG Indented Source
To show dates for source lines:
See SQL HOST variables in OUTLINE view. (is not possible)
Downloading source to PC to work offline
Fast Open another Source
Record/Playback for Signature marks
Field Exit
Automatic structure completion
Enter Key not Working
Switch Auto Syntax Check On/Off
CL auto format
Show fields in a file
Refresh Cache for New Field
Work on a fix while keeping another project open
Tracking Source changes
Column Sensitive Editing


RPG source was not being saved
Error-messages are still showing in the edit view
SQLRPGLE Compiles how to find Compile errors
Within RSE, how to compile Interactively versus Batch
Custom Compile Commands


Scan for a date when source lines were changed (like F14 in SEU)
Find Tips
Find Field usage (for SQL where OUTLINE doesnt work)


Debug and SEP Service Entry Points
Clear Breakpoints
Field Values
Debug Breakpoints not breaking
Debug a crashed Job
Debug server not starting
Displaying the Contents of a Table


User Actions
What are Profiles and Filter Pools for
Remap Keyboard Shortcuts
Other Language Setup (Japanese font)
Error Installing WDSC 7
Missing Filter Option
Ghost Image for Install V6


RSEF1002E Error
Slightly Faster Startup
Easy Source Upload
WDSCi Sign Off
The outline view of the RPG (or other) program doesn't show the fields TEXT.
List libs, objects, members, etc with descriptions?
SQL result set only contains 50 rows
I have these strange square symbols in my code.
Run a program on your PC
Missing Dialogue box in Iseries Command Log
Can't remove "work offline" setting
Where can I find a list of enhancements in V7?
How do you work through learning the functionality of this application?

External links

The official WDSC web page [1]

The WDSC Developer blog [2]

WDSC tags on del.ici.ous [3]