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See Query BPCS for links to other tips and techniques we can use in Query.

Several BPCS files, particularly associated with customers and sales, have fields labeled with months 01 02 03 etc. to 10 11 12. What they contain is:

  • Month 01 is grand total that went into the last end month fiscal.
  • Month 02 is this for the PRIOR end month.
  • Month 12 is from a year ago.

Suppose end-month fiscal for May 2005 approaches. Month 01 has totals for April 2005. Month 12 has totals for May 2004. Thus when you are done with May 2005 month, but before actually running the end month fiscal, you could run some reports that compares Month-to-Date (now complete) for May 2005 with Month 12 which is all of May 2004.

During end month fiscal OTHER than end month year, the total of month to date info is added to total of year to date, then month to date is zeroed. During end month fiscal that is also end month year, you end up starting the new year with both year to date and month to date zeroed. So if you want to get reports that have the year's sales totals, you normally need to run them right before doing the end year fiscal stuff, although you can also get some stuff out of Months 01 02 03 etc.

During the month, if you want data for the year so far, you need to add YTD (thru end last fiscal month) and MTD (thru this month so far).