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See Query for links to other tips and techniques we can use in Query, that may be of generic interest to anyone on the 400.

BPCS does not store On-Hand inventory in any one location in the BPCS files. We have to calculate it every time we need it.


  • Opening Balance (for the fiscal month)
  • plus month-to-date Receipts
  • minus month-to-date Issues
  • plus month-to-date Adjustments

Available Inventory = On hand minus allocations

Allocations are how much of the ON_HAND inventory and PLANNED new inventory is needed to meet requirements in the system. Thus AVAILABLE is any excess we might have for other new purposes.

There are files containing activity by item, item warehouse combination, item warehouse location lot and other combinations. So if you want the total on-hand in a facility, you have to combine the results for all the warehouses in that facillity.