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CLP/400 is the version of CLP that was used prior to CLP ILE. Source code for CLP/400 is typically stored in a file named QCLSRC where each member is source code for a different CLP/400 program.

CLP/400 examples are a directory of examples of CLP/400 source programs to illustrate various techniques and capabilities.

CLP Features

Control Language Programs are

  • Compiled from Source Code into Executable Code
  • Perform like a Procedure, or Job Stream
  • Control Work Flow
  • Reserve Resources needed
  • Have Arithmetic / Logic Operations
  • Can call other programs ... other CLP or HLL such as RPG or COBOL
  • Communicate with other programs, users
  • Access a Prompt Screen, or one data base file
  • Access various Data Objects
  • Can be used in CLP/400 mode or with ILE

CLP Program Structure

CLP Command Format

  • Label (optional) on the line of the program, so that control can jump to this line from elsewhere in the program
  • Command Name from IBM collection of commands, that can be executed from a CLP program
  • Parameters for that Command Name

CLP Coding Summary