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Service Procedures are the smallest (and only) executable part of a service program. This category contains sample service procedures.

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There are excellent reasons for having service procedures—such as shareability and standardization of business rules. However, some service procedures (minus their error checking) are so small that one might question creating a service procedure at all. They might feel that simply employing the stripped-down code directly within their program code is the best way to go (saving the necessity of calling a separate routine—with the additional overhead that such action would require).

Rule of Thumb
Sometimes, having a service procedure is simply a means of making code more self-documenting (i.e., easier for others to understand).

To wit... Which would you rather see in an RPG program—this?

if %subst(%trimr(myLongString):%len(%trimr(myLongString))-4+1:4) = 'TEMP'; // if suffixed by TEMP
  // do something

...or, this?

if GenUtl_SuffixString(myLongString:4) = 'TEMP';
  // do something

It is the opinion of many that the second form is self-documenting and is therefore more readable. Hence, the reason for some of these very small service procedures.