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Any thoughts on how to organise the RDi (Rational Developer for System i) information? RDi will be superseding WDSCi as of V6R1. See announcement letter 208-016 The issue is that if we create an RDi page, we'll have to look in two places for information on stuff like RSE unless we cross link many of the WDSC pages to point to RDi. The upside of a separate page is that RDi will undoubtedly have capabilities that WDSCi does not. Very interested in thoughts on this. I lean toward a new RDi page.

Buck 12:38, 30 January 2008 (CST)

I have not seen or used RDi, so I will follow your lead, Buck.

FKOL 19:00, 6 February 2008 (CST)