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The nick is an ancient one. I was an original fan of the original Battlestar Galactica (As improbable as that seems) and when Yahoo! started offering free accounts, Starbuck was quickly snapped up. I didn't want to be Starbuck3 or something like that, so Starbuck5250 was born.

I'm terrible at formatting; my GUI tastes run to green on black, hum. I won't be in the least bit offended if some kind soul takes pity on me and formats my contributions. Heck, I may even learn how to do it right myself some day! --buck

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  • Need to write up a way to upload files. Probably start with Special:Imagelist
  • Follow up on request to add APIs to main/programming. − somebody got it, yay!
  • Follow up on RDi Category talk:WDSC (31 Jan 08)
  • User:PabloMotte has links on plug-ins. Go try them again.
  • Binder language tutorial -Binder_Source
  • Document some IFS path information from Midrange-L
  • Convert WDSC keyboard shortcuts to use the new template Keypress - thanks Frank!

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