Configure HMC Consoles for take-over or recovery

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If you work in an environment where your System-I servers are not physically close by, you might have run into the problem where the Hardware Management Console (HMC) drops your connections to the 5250 remote console after a while. The is a major pain if you are in the middle of a 6 hour system save, and has to start all over again if the console drop. Or if a Reclaim Storage (RCLSTG) is running, and the console drop, which may cost you dearly.

Some good news

From V5R3, there is a setting in SST that will allow you to recover the console, or take it over. What essentially happens is that the console stays active on DSP01 (or whatever your console device is), even if the connectivity to the HMC has dropped. See the link at the end of this wiki article on how to enable it. You can enable it without doing an IPL, and immediately recover or take over the 5250 console remotely.

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