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There are two major reasons why your post didn't go through ...

  1. Your email address is not what you think it is. mailing lists are all configured to only allow posts to be accepted by people who are subscribers. Often your incomming email address and outgoing email address are different. You will need to determine what your email address actually is, and change your subscription. See Change_email_address_for_mailing_list for information on how to change your email address
  2. On many lists, a subscribers first post requires a list moderator to approve it before it is released to the list. This is done because of past abuse ... someone subscribed to a number of lists, posted a SPAM message, and then unsubscribed. Because of this, some of the lists have implemented a policy of holding a subscribers first post. Once the moderator of the list reviews and approves the post, the flag that causes the subscribers post to be held is removed. From that point on posts will not be held and will be processed by the list immediately

If you have any questions about these, contact the list owner or David Gibbs.