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This is one of the things you might look at while trouble shooting Degradation, but in fact you ought to check it periodically, to avoid a problem developing and not being spotted. Doubtless someone may update this article to reflect improvements in IBM eServers in later models, but here is a rule of thumb used by folks on the older 400 models:

  • The 400 needs a chunk of "unused disk space" for work, and if it runs out of work space, it can't do any more work.
    • Al Mac company was in a conversion from M/36 when we ran into some problems with the conversion, that led to some conversion steps piled up on-line longer than disk space budgeted for, and we ended up with disk space consumption OVER 100% because we both ran out of disk space, and the IBM math when the disk space is partitioned, was not perfect on the old AS/36. You do not want to get into that boat. Just take my word for it that reality is like a perfect storm.
  • If you get to 90% disk space used, it is time to shut down your 400 until IBM delivers more hardware ... it is time for an emergency upgrade.
  • If you get to 80% disk space used, consider this the red line ... either you fix what is eating up the disk space, or you order more hardware from IBM.
  • If you get to 70% disk space used, consider this a WARNING ... you need to be taking steps to try to conserve disk space, or plan on buying more from IBM.

DSPSYSSTS gives a quick snapshot of disk space consumption.

WRKSYSSTS is the same info on steroids.