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It's easy to check to see if a user's session is configured to support 27x132 columns. Below is an example program that checks to see if a user's session supports 27x132.

In your 27x132 program, make the display file USROPN. Then prior to opening the display file, call the below program. If the answer comes back 'N', exit the 27x132 program.

     h dftactgrp(*NO) actgrp(*NEW) option(*SRCSTMT)
     fCF005RP   cf   e             workstn

     d CanDisplayHandle132Columns...
     d                 pr                  extpgm('CF005R')
     d  answer                        1a

     d QsnQryModSup    pr            10i 0 extProc('QsnQryModSup')
     d  mode                          1a   const
     d  modeAllowed                   1a   options(*OMIT)
     d  llhandle                     10i 0 const options(*OMIT)
     d  error                        16a   options(*varsize:*OMIT)

     d DS4_MODE        c                   '4'
     d MODE_ALLOWED    C                   1

      // Begin MAINLINE
      //   following PI replaces *ENTRY PLIST
     d CanDisplayHandle132Columns...
     d                 pi
     d  answer                        1a
         answer = 'Y';
         if (QsnQryModSup(DS4_MODE:*OMIT:*OMIT:*OMIT) <> MODE_ALLOWED);
           answer = 'N';
           exfmt message;
         *INLR = *ON;

The screen CF005RP can contain a message with instructions on how to reconfigure your emulator along with the phone number for your helpdesk.

     A*%%TS  DD  20071203  134903  XXXXXXXX    REL-V5.0.1  WDSc
     A*%%FD Can Display Handle 132 Columns
     A                                      DSPSIZ(27 132 *DS4 24 80 *DS3)
     A          R MESSAGE
     A*%%TS  DD  20071203  134903  XXXXXXXX    REL-V5.0.1  WDSc
     A                                  1 10'**********************************-
     A                                      ***************************'
     A                                  2 14'Attention --- Attention --- Attent-
     A                                      ion --- Attention '
     A                                  2 70'*'
     A                                  2 10'*'
     A                                  3 10'**********************************-
     A                                      ***************************'
     A                                  5  4'The program you are attempting to -
     A                                      run requires a 27x132 screen size.'
     A                                  6  1'Your emulation session is not curr-
     A                                      ently configured to allow this.'
     A                                  7  1'To correct this, follow these step-
     A                                      s:'
     A                                  9  2'1) Print this screen out'
     A                                 10  2'2) Press enter to exit this messag-
     A                                      e'
     A                                 11  2'3) Signoff your currect session'
     A                                 12  2'4) Select "Communicataion-->Discon-
     A                                      nect" on the PowerTerm menu bar'
     A                                 13  2'5) Click YES on the PowerTerm clos-
     A                                      e session dialog box that pops up'
     A                                 14  2'6) Select "Communication-->Connect-
     A                                      " on the PowerTerm menu bar'
     A                                 15  2'7) In the Connect dialog box, make-
     A                                       sure that "Terminal ID" has'
     A                                 16  7'"3477-FC (27x132)" selected.'
     A                                 17  2'8) Click Connect'
     A                                 18  2'9) Click "File-->Save" on the Powe-
     A                                      rTerm menu bar'
     A                                 19  1'10) Signon normally'
     A                                 21  5'You should only have to follow the-
     A                                      se steps once per concurent session'
     A                                 23 14'Contact HOTLINE if you have questi-
     A                                      ons.'
     A*%%GP SCREEN1    01