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FTP is an acronym which stands for File Transfer Protocol.

The AS/400 can function both as an FTP server and an FTP client.

See also: FTP (CMD)



A common technique for automating FTP processing is to write the FTP commands to a source physical file and then pipe the data in that file to the FTP command.

To pipe the data to the FTP command, you do an OVRDBF for the file INPUT to the source physical file.

After the file is overridden, just invoke the FTP command with the appropriate hostname. The FTP client will take it's input from the overridden file.

To capture the output, you can OVRDBF the file OUTPUT to another source physical file. The results of the FTP command will be written to the output file. You can programatically interpret the output.


Scott Klements has written an open source FTP API. Information can be found at http://www.scottklement.com/ftpapi/


Change the banner / welcome / hello screen

Standard FTP message 220 is shown when a client connects to an FTP server. On the AS/400, this is stored in message TCP120D in the MSGF below can be modified. [1]


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