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A signature is a way to visibly attribute an entry made to a wiki-page to a particular user. While the wiki software automagically maintains the history and will include the date, time and user which performed the edit, it can be more convenient to have that information displayed on the page, in the context of the change.

How to sign

Using the following characters in a wiki-edit will automagically have the wiki software substitute a signature when the edit is saved.

Characters Usage Example
~~~~ Signature + Time/Date stamp — MrDolomite • Talk 09:34, 10 January 2008 (CST)
~~~ Signature only — MrDolomite • Talk
~~~~~ Time/Date stamp only 09:34, 10 January 2008 (CST)

What is my signature?

Each user maintains their own signature. It is located on Special:Preferences, on the "User profile" tab, in the "Nickname" field. The text, or wiki-syntax text, entered there will be substituted for for the tilde characters as noted above.

See Wikipedia:How to fix your signature for information on how to use the "Nickname" field and "Raw signatures" checkbox.


  • "Raw signatures" - checked
  • Contents of "Nickname" field
&mdash:&nbsp:[[User:MrDolomite|MrDolomite]]&nbsp:•&nbsp:[[User talk:MrDolomite|Talk]]
  • Result — MrDolomite • Talk 09:51, 10 January 2008 (CST)
  • Note: due to the subsitution within the wiki software, the colons ( : ) shown in the example above are actually semicolons ( ; )

What to sign

The namespace of the article determines if an edit should be signed, or left unsigned.

Edits to Talk namespaces should always be signed, for ease of reading. Edits to non-Talk namespaces should never be signed, with the exception of Image. This is because when an image is included into an article, only the picture appears, not any text or other information from the image's article page. This allows information about the image's source, copyright and attribution to be easily seen on the Image page.

Namespace Sign? Talk
Main No Talk Yes
User No User talk Yes
MidrangeWiki No MidrangeWiki talk Yes
Image Yes Image talk Yes
MediaWiki No MediaWiki talk Yes
Template No Template talk Yes
Help No Help talk Yes
Category No Category talk Yes


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