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OS400 Send Email (SMTP) is the mechanism that allows System i to send out email. It is based on RFC2821 [1]



MMAIL has a version of the utility by David Leland.

MMAIL is a very compehensive e-mail utility and I found it simple to install and easy to use, but having said that, the code is very impressive.

The install instructions are in the zip package, but I have copied them here to show the simple install process.

After you have downloaded the mmail.zip file http://www.easy400.net/easy400p/downloads.cgi (it is the 13th item in the list of downloadables) and unzipped it you get.

  • mmail.sav This is the AS400 MMAIL library save file.
  • readme.txt This is the install instructions below. It is best to always use the latest install instructions.


 File "mmail.sav" on your PC is the save file
 of library "MMAIL".
 You should transfer this file on your iSeries 400 (AS/400),
 then restore library "MMAIL" from this save file.

 To transfer this save file to your iSeries 400 (AS/400),
 you may use a FTP procedure as follow.

  1-On your iSeries 400 (AS/400)
  2-On your PC
    a-open a DOS prompt
    b-position to the directory containing file "mmail.sav"
    c-start FTP to your iSeries 400 (AS/400),
      then enter the following commands
           i) binary
          ii) quote site namefmt 1
         iii) cd /qsys.lib/qgpl.lib
          iv) put mmail.sav MMAIL.savf
           v) quit

 To restore library "MMAIL":
  3-On your iSeries 400 (AS/400)
           i) Signon with an user profile "QSECOFR-like"
              It is extremely important that this user profile
              has *CHANGE authorities over user profile QPGMR
          ii) If library MMAIL already installed,
              rename it MMAILOLD. Data from library MMAILOLD
              will be copied to the new library MMAIL
              during step iv)
 Then, to complete the installation, enter command
              This procedure completes MMAIL installation.
              It will also restore the following libraries:
              - HPT
              - TIFFLIB
              You will also be  asked to update your HTTP configuration.
              By doing this, you will be able to display MMAIL documentation at
              If you do not want to perform this step, just press F12.
              In this case, you may reach MMAIL documentation at


EMLSTMF TO( ) parameter

ref [[2]]

The TO parameter is a qualified variable.

You cannot just code TO(&TO)

You need to code TO(&TO/'NN'/'*TO' ) where 'NN' is any value you wish, its the front bit of the email address

NN <JOHN.DOE@someplace.COM>

This applies to all the EML commands.



  • Make sure the HOST table has an entry for the local machine. cfgtcp option 10.
  • IBM Infocenter Troubleshooting e-mail (V5R4)
  • If you use some other email server you can config the OS400 SMTP server in IseriesNavigator/Network/Servers/TCPIP SMTP/General and set the 'Use mail router' to your server. You will need to config your TCPIP Host Table and Routes to your server and I am assuming your AS400 is connected to the network with an ethernet connection.