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Physical Planning Reference is an IBM document which contains information about the dimensions, weight and power requirements for the various AS/400 servers, racks towers and other components.

AS/400 Physical Planning Ref V4R2 (SA41-5109-01)
aka IBM AS/400e series Physical Planning Reference Version 4 Publication No. SA41-5109-01
QB3AWE01 BookManger file
PDF of SA41-5109-01
AS/400 Physical Planning Ref V4R3 (SA41-5109-02)
QB3AWE02 BookManager link
AS/400 Physical Planning Reference (SA41-5109-03) 
QB3AWE03 BookManager linkTechnical StudioTechnical StudioPhysical Planning Quick ReferencePlanning for your system at V5R1 Information Center
Model 250
Model 270
Model 820
Model 830/SB2
Model 840/SB3