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Processor group is a term used by IBM to loosely categorize AS/400 servers into groups according to processing power. It is used by IBM and other vendors to create tiered software prices and licensing costs.

The comparative value of the processor group number was changed when IBM released new hardware models in ????[verification needed]. Newer i5 and System i servers have more CPW power, but lower processor group ratings than their predecessors.


Processor Group information appears to be rather hard to find.

This section attempts to provide a community maintained table of machine types, models, processor feature codes, and processor groups.

The Type can be retrieved by running DSPHDWRSC TYPE(*AHW) and looking at the 'Main Card Enclosure' line.

The QMODEL & QPRCFEAT values can be retrieved by using the WRKSYSVAL command.

The Processor Group can be retrieved using the WRKLICINF command and looking at the top of the panel.

8202 E4D EPCL P10

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