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The following PCML can be used in a Java program as a ProgramCallDocument to invoke the QMHRTVM api for message retrieval.

<pcml version="3.0">

	<program name="qmhrtvm" path="/QSYS.lib/QMHRTVM.pgm">
		<struct name="msginfo" usage="output">
			<data name="bytesReturned" type="int" length="4" />
			<data name="bytesAvailable" type="int" length="4" />
			<data name="lengthOfMessageReturned" type="int" length="4" />
			<data name="lengthOfMessageAvail" type="int" length="4" />
			<data name="lengthOfHelpReturned" type="int" length="4" />
			<data name="lengthOfHelpAvail" type="int" length="4" />
			<data name="message" type="char"
				length="lengthOfMessageAvail" />
			<data name="help" type="char" length="lengthOfHelpAvail" />

		<data name="receiverLength" type="int" length="4" usage="input"
			init="4096" />
		<data name="formatName" type="char" length="8" usage="input"
			init="RTVM0100" />
		<data name="msgid" type="char" length="7" usage="input" />
		<struct name="msgfile" usage="input" >
			<data name="name" type="char" length="10"/>
			<data name="library" type="char" length="10"/>
		<data name="msgdata" type="char" length="msgdataLength"
			usage="input" />
		<data name="msgdataLength" type="int" length="4" usage="input" />
		<data name="replaceValues" type="char" length="10" usage="input"
			init="*YES" />
		<data name="returnFormatChars" type="char" length="10"
			usage="input" init="*YES" />
		<data name="errorCode" type="char" length="8" usage="input"
			init="" />