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RPG Next Gen Editor is a lightweight RPG editor solely based on the Eclipse platform. It has some basic plugins which among other things provide a tree view on the QSYS filesystem. The focus for the editor lies on small size and speed. The goal for this project is a feature complete RPG free-format editor which can be used to develop small to midsized projects for even the most advanced programming style.

The RCP Application will be developed platform independent. With the help of the Eclipse RCP Delta Pack there will be a version for each of the main operating systems.

The editor was once hosted on rpgnextgen.com but has been moved to Sourceforge.net and is released under the GNU GPL V3 license.


  • QSYS.LIB filesystem browser
  • QSYS.LIB filesystem browser filter
  • Multiple connections
  • Configurable connection library list
  • Local password encryption
  • Spooled file viewer
    • Non-default workstation customization file possible
  • Data area wizard and editor
  • Userspace wizard and viewer
  • RPGLE editor (/free-form)
  • RPGLE Syntax Highlighting
  • Editor Outline support
    • Procedures
    • Local Prototypes
  • Local source history
  • Task Keywords support
  • Quick source member access
  • Source compilation submitter
  • Global compile options per compile command
  • Per source compile options
  • Custom compile options provider (Extension Point)
  • Custom Remote Explorer open action provider (Extension Point)
  • Member locking on editing
  • Source export (flat or ZIP archive file)
  • Simple RPG Abstract Syntax Tree
  • Toggle Comment (/free and fixed format)
  • Command Line view
  • Compile Result view
  • RPG Unit Test support


The latest release of the editor can be downloaded here.

There is also an update site at http://rpgnextgen.sourceforge.net/update/ available for integration in Eclipse 3.5.x and 3.6.x installations and to update existing installations of the editor.