Rational Developer Silent Install

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Silent Install RDi


Install Steps

  • doInstall.bat
    • Run As Administrator.
    • Will Download, Extract, and run the install of RDI.
  • doLicense.bat
    • Only needed if you didn't get the license from doInstall.
    • It will apply the License for RDI.
    • Run "doLicense.bat 2" to pick the second license kit pack.
  • doPlugins.bat
    • Will install plugins to RDI. Some from downloads and others from the internet.


  • doPatch.bat
    • Run this script when you get a official patch file from IBM.

Eclipse java settings

  • doEclipse.bat
    • In some instances you need to update your installed product eclipse.ini setting. This script does this for you from a common .ini settings file.