Reducing mailing list volume

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If you cannot deal with the amount of mail being received from the list server on, you have several options ...

  1. You can switch to digest mode ... this will collect messages until a threshold is reached (about 40k) and then send you the collected messages in one large message (formatted for relatively easy reading). On some lists this will mean one message a day, on others it will mean multiple ... but you will not receive each individual message.
  2. Note when replying to digest mode you have to be careful to cut and paste what you replying to, and change subject accordingly. This can also be a hassle.
  3. Use a NNTP reader. You still have to be subscribed to the list, but you can disable message delivery. This will allow you to post, but you won't get any mail from the list directly. Information on a lists availability via newsreaders can be found on the individual list information pages.
    1. Most lists can be read via a news read on the news server.
    2. Some lists can be read via a news reader on Gmane.
  4. Some lists can be read via RSS, which delivers to you the headline subject, then you link to only those subjects you desire to read.
    1. If you want to reply, you still have to be subscribed SOME way, other than RSS.
    2. Depending on your e-mail software, you could have a subscription going straight to trash.
  5. You can read the lists via the archive web site ... this is very similar to the newsreader option, but you will have to format your response manually and mail them to the appropriate list address.

To change your subscription options, visit, select the list you want to change, scroll to the bottom of the information page, enter your email address in the box, and click the EDIT OPTIONS button.